The name Union Christian Church captures well what we strive to be at UCC of Tegucigalpa.

Union – Unity in Diversity
The diversity in our body can be plotted on several different axes:
We are an international church. While the majority of our congregation are either North American or Honduran, at any given time we will have several other nationalities represented in our congregation.
We are an interdenominational church. Doctrinally we may be described as relatively conservative and evangelical. However, we strive to find unity among denominational diversity and count among our number brothers and sisters from denominations such as Baptist, Presbyterian, Four-Square, Evangelical Free, Brethren in Christ, and others.
We are an English-speaking church. This means that we attract English speakers that are in the country for a variety of reasons. In addition to English speaking Hondurans, we have school teachers, missionaries, aid workers, business people, embassy personnel, and others. This diversity strengthens the body.

Christian – Christ at the Center
It is no accident that Christ is at the center of our church name. If we are to maintain unity it is only on the basis of Jesus Christ. We strive to preach Christ from all the scriptures, exalt Christ in our worship, and be Christ to one another and the world through acts of service.

Church – People in Intentional Community
To be a church is more than just to gather for regularly scheduled worship services. To be a church is to join in intentional, covenant relationship under the oversight of elders to be the body of Christ in the world. We believe that healthy Christian living is made possible by joining in such a body both to give and to receive.