Church Leadership

Church Leadership

Meet the Team

Union Christian Church is an elder-led congregation. The elders of Union Christian Church provide for the real and spiritual governance, guidance, and oversight of the church. For this function they are responsible to God (Hebrews 13:17).

Marty Guise
Marty GuiseTeaching Elder
Marty has been serving the church since May of 2020. He and his wife, Diana, moved to Honduras in September of 2020 (after COVID restrictions were lifted). Their son, Drew, is a teacher and daughter, Katie, is in college.
Felipe Colby
Felipe ColbyRuling Elder
The Colbys came to begin working with His Eyes / Clinica Cuerpo de Cristo in the late 1990s through short term groups with FCO (Fellowship of Christian Optometrists) from Indiana University. They interned with the mission in 1999 for four months to help get the optometry work started, and moved here full time in 2000.

​Valerie currently works in the clinic as a staff optometrist. Felipe is the mission’s executive director. They have two adult children, Cecilia and Soren, who were both born in Tegucigalpa. (Soren was born in the old clinic building.)

Francisco Ramirez
Francisco RamirezRuling Elder
Fran and his wife, Cassie. They have been blessed with two children, Genesis and Elysa Joy.
Pat Corley
Pat CorleyDeacon
Pat and his wife, Michelle, haved lived full-time in Honduras since 2013. They are both serving at the Micah Project. Pat assists the church as the Treasurer and Michelle is the Worship Director.
Hiro Kawano
Hiro KawanoDeacon
A native of Japan, Hiro has lived in Honduras for much of his adult life, during which he has worked for Mitsubishi. He and his wife, Zoila, have been blessed with three sons.