King's Cross by Timothy J. KellerI recently read Timothy Keller’s book King’s Cross. The book was developed from a series of sermons on the book of Mark. In surveying the book of Mark, Keller’s objective is to present the message of Christianity through interaction with the life, ministry and person of Jesus. The result is a digestible presentation of the Gospel and the heart of Christianity. In particular, Keller frequently highlights the difference between “religion” and Christianity. The repeated attention to this distinction makes the book valuable even for those familiar with the gospel. 

Keller’s style is very readable. He makes good use of illustrations from literature, history, and his personal life. While the work is in no sense scholarly, Keller  deftly weaves in careful interpretation and interaction with other authors. Most readers will find Keller’s reading of Mark thought-provoking. The book is targeted toward a thoughtful, seeking audience and therefore could be very useful in evangelism.