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Whether you come to Honduras for business, ministry, or pleasure, we believe that it is vitally important that you become part of a body of believers where you can serve and be served. The challenges of living, working, and serving cross-culturally demand purposeful soul-care.

While the choice of a church is always important, we believe it is especially so for those who live cross-culturally. For some, participation in an indigenous church is an option thanks to language proficiency. But for many who sojourn in foreign lands the challenge of worshiping and fellowshipping in a language other than their native tongue only adds to the burdens of cross-cultural life. Soon they find themselves spiritually dry. Union Christian Church exists to serve and support the English-speaking community in Tegucigalpa because we believe that it enables them to serve the kingdom more effectively.

At Union Christian Church we seek to build up believers to fulfill their calling to serve God in whatever capacity that may be. We desire to be a body where you will find nourishing relationships. Our preaching and teaching are designed to provide important biblical foundations for life, work and ministry, and to equip people to live and serve more purposefully.

Whether you are in Tegucigalpa for a week or a lifetime, we invite you to join us both to build up and to be built up for the glory of Jesus Christ.


The Elders